The external hard drives or the HDD (hard disk drives) are the devices that stores data of files in the form of digital information similar to the internal hard drives of the computer system. The working of the external hard drive is similar to that of internal hard drive and thus its construction is also similar to normal hard drive. The external hard drive has many plus points like it is portable, can be used as plug-and-play basis and so on.

Each HDD has file system i.e. the process of storing and fetching the files from hard drives  and FAT is the default file system among most of the HDD.  The files on a hard drive are usually lost because of hard drive crash, corruption of partition table or due to some false operations. Permit this to be explained briefly, assume that you are performing re-partitioning of the hard drive. And during the process you have accidentally formatted a partition that has deleted all data present in that partition. Now is it possible to recover lost partition data? Of course yes. There is always solution to such data loss scenarios. Using the recovery software one can recover FAT partitions and other file format partitions from hard drives. Whenever you delete some data from the hard drive, the data is not lost permanently but its visibility is lost.

The common scenarios of losing partitions on hard drives –

  1. During conversion of the file system: When converting the file format of the hard drive to another file format for e.g. from FAT16 or FAT32 to NTFS, if any error encounters then it may cause deletion of partition.
  2. Damage to partition table: Partition table is a kind of system file which contains sensitive (critical info) details about the partitions like size, name, files stored on that partition, start point and end point of the partition, total number of partitions and so on. It is also called as boot sector or first physical partition on the hard drive. Any damage to the partition table will result in deletion or inaccessibility of the partition.
  3. Hard disk crash: It happens very rarely but it is too crucial. If the complete hard drive is damaged because of malfunction or virus attack then the only possibility to fix the damage is to format the complete hard drive and thus all the partition and its data is lost.
  4. Errors during partitioning: While creating new partitions or creating free space on the hard drive due to errors the existing partitions can be lost.
  5. During installation of operating system: Improper way of installing or re-installation of the operating system sometimes cause partition deletion.

Unless the hard drive is not overwritten after data loss occurred due to above scenarios, the partition recovery software can be used to recover those deleted partitions.

The key features of the software are:

  • Recovers deleted partitions from various types of hard drives.
  • Recovers lost partitions of all file types like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, etc.
  • Recovers deleted partition data due to formatting or re-formatting.
  • Successfully recovers lost partitions due to damaged partition table.
  • Recovers inaccessible partitions and its data.
  • Recovers all deleted or lost or missing partitions.

If anyone facing with any sort of partition loss and trying to get back the data can try this software to fix the problem. To use the software go to the link provided or click here to download the software and install it on the system and recover lost partition data.