Have you recently mislaid some data from a Windows 8 PC? Do you want to recover vital data back, if your reply is “YES” then you can use Recover Windows 8 tool in order to recover data from hard drive on Windows 8. Normally, we think that when any file mislaid from a hard drive, it can’t be recovered back. However, this is not true, whenever you lost any file from  hard drive, only the heading pointer to particular files is deleted but files stay there at that location until is overwritten by any other files. This software scans complete disk drive within a few minutes and recovers lost files back either it is lost intentionally or unintentionally from hard drive. You can discover many real time circumstances that lead to the data loss from Windows 8 drive such as losing data after formatting.

Let us speak about several of scenario’s that may lead to loss of data after formatting. Sometime user unintentionally format the hard drive without making a appropriate backup or sometimes you can find that user format the whole drive instead of performing custom formatting while installing Windows 8 OS, such state may lead to permanent loss of data from  hard drive. Now in such state if you desire to recover data from formatted hard drive. This can be done by the application of the Recover Windows 8 software, which is proficient to recover data after installing windows 8.

You have lost data from hard drive on Windows 8 due to unsuccessful operation of file system changing from on file system to another in order to improve security. This may happen because user don’t have prior knowledge about the future effect of file system changing process. When you change your file system it is must to format the drive, once the drive gets format, all the data from the hard drive is got vanished. Additionally if you do not have proper backup of your system files them this situation may lead to severe data loss situation.

Another common reason for data loss is due to improper shutdown. Presume you are working on any file, which you need to present later on the same day. However, due to some cause you made a forceful shut down of the system. Because, of the improper act of yours result in the loss of files from computer hard drive. Therefore, in such condition it is advisable to use Recover Windows 8 software, which backtracks each of the lost files from hard drive on Windows 8.

Improper ejection of the drive from Windows 8 PC may also lead to loss of data. Occasionally it happens in a rush, you ejected the connected external drive while data transferring and when you connect the external hard drive to a PC you found yourself unable to access some of vital data that really matters for you personally. It is due to the inappropriate ejection of the external hard drive. When you attempt to open the external drive, next time there is a message appears on the computer screen that is “do you want to format it”. To use hard drive further it is must to format it first and as soon as you format the hard drive, all the data inside the hard drive gets lost. In such situation you should need recovery software in order to recover data files from hard drive i.e. Recover Windows 8 software, which is capable to recover files from formatted Windows 8 drive.

Some of the characteristics of this software are:

  • Finest graphical user interface that makes software simple to operate
  • Gives back deleted files within a few minutes.
  • Supports various file system such as FAT, NTFS, FAT16, FAT32
  • Proficient to recover files from different hard drive like SATA, IDE, SCSI, , etc
  • Sample can be seen before revival of the files

If you are in the line of the person who have lost their data due to unintentional formatting the hard drive on Windows 8 and looking ahead to recover files after format then you can use this tool in order to recover files from formatted drive. You can download the demo version of this tool from the internet in order to check its capability regarding to data recovery from formatted drive.